The Shirt Dress I love

Hello my loves!


What’s up? I’ve been doing great lately, and also I’ve been feeling really happy and blessed for all those small (but really meaningful for me) opportunities that this blog I love with all my heart has been giving me.

Last thursday I had the chance to share with little kids from 5th grade about my experience as writer and blogger, and yesterday I was invited to a small conference with another important bloggers from my lovely country to talk about the blogging industry and experience in El Salvador.

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Can you come back MBFWSV? I loved you 😦


Friday was the last day of this crazy week, full of fashion and fun, and as always, I didn’t know what to wear…

I had this gorgeous outfit planned on my mind with a beautiful pink blouse and jeans, however, when I tried it (around 5:00 pm) the blouse was huge for my petite body, so I had to change it :(. Quickly, I planned something inspired on Yeezy and the Kardashians, so I took this huge sweater, I put a pair of black shorts under it and combined it with the gladiator sandals.

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PHOTO DIARY: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 2

Hello beauties ❤


This week had been super busy! It was Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and it was really fun!

I love going to those shows because it’s the perfect occasion to get all dolled up and feel like a real fashionista. On 2015 and 2016 I remember I prepared my outfits with a lot of time ahead, but this year, I wasn’t sure if I was going, so I didn’t have enough time to plan them.

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Pretty Unpretty

Hello my lovely readers


Feeling pretty and the next day feeling like the ugliest kid on the room is something I’ve felt a lot of times on my life.

I don’t like to talk about this openly, because I think it shows a weak part of my life, but I think that if this story is going to help or encourage any girl, it deserves to be shared.

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