Lección 1: Bienvenida a los 20’s

Recuerdo que cumplí 20 años el 19 de agosto del 2015. Tuve un almuerzo bonito con mis mejores amigos y una cena con mis papás y mis hermanos. También recuerdo que pensé “Estos años van a ser mis mejores años, voy a cumplir todo lo que quiero y todo va a ser más fácil” y sí, puede que lo sean, pero ahorita, lo que llevo de mis 20’s los puedo resumir en una sola palabra: Confusión.

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The Woman I Am

This year had been hard for me.


Thanks God I have my health, my home and my family okay, but I’ve struggled a lot with who I am and the woman I want to be when I grow up, and that had been nerve wrecking for my own self and my mind.

I started this year wanting to become a better christian and a better woman, and my goals were (and now I’m embarrassed to admit) just to become the perfect christian wifey. Yeah my readers, that’s what was going on on my mind the whole time, even when my posts talked about girl power, #girlboss and encouragement.

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Pretty Unpretty

Hello my lovely readers


Feeling pretty and the next day feeling like the ugliest kid on the room is something I’ve felt a lot of times on my life.

I don’t like to talk about this openly, because I think it shows a weak part of my life, but I think that if this story is going to help or encourage any girl, it deserves to be shared.

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